Double Glazed Window & Door Repairs

Broken hinges and handles renewed
All misty or broken glass sealed units replaced
All types of locking mechanisms seized or broken can be replaced
Doors and Windows catching or not locking properly can be adjusted for smooth operation

Replacement sealed units for a double glazed windows can be installed by removal of gaskets and beads allowing the glass to be taken out and replaced without changing the frame restoring your casement, tilt & turn or sash window or door back to its original condition. Give us a call and let us surprise you with how little it can cost to repair your double glazing compared to buying new. Sealed units start from as little as £25 and refurbishing a window from £50.

Has your guarantee run out? Are your windows still in good condition? Let us help you protect your investment and aim to increase and extend the life and security of your doors and windows with our quality double glazing window repair service. From a complete service to a simple repair, if you are in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire or South Warwickshire, Distinguished Windows Banbury can help.

An inspection service includes:


All mechanisms function
Checking to make sure all windows and doors open and close properly
Locks, hinges, and other moving parts will be lubricated and checked for proper operation
All windows will be checked that to establish whether they are sealed correctly

Once the inspection service is complete we will alert you to anything that is faulty and then you have the option of repairing the fault. If you need a double glazed window or door repair don’t hesitate to call – we can help. We can also advise you on the best way to maintain your windows to prevent further repairs becoming necessary. Take a look at our Checkatrade reviews to see what our customers think of our repair service.


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