Enhance your Double Glazing with Window Boxes

Once we have fitted your brand new UPVC windows you will want to make the most of them. Whatever the style and size of your home your windows offer a great opportunity for decoration. If you live in a flat, or apartment or have limited garden space window boxes and containers may be your only option.

Finding the right kind of windows boxes, planning and planting them for each season can be fun and satisfying. Once the hard work is done you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours and the compliments from guest and neighbours!

When planning your boxes, it is important to choose plants and containers that suit the style of your window space.  Window boxes and troughs are available in a wide range of materials from wood to terracotta as well as various sizes and styles. If your windows are not a standard size, wood may be the best option as these can most easily be made to fit.  A character home may be better suited to more traditional styles, while modern properties can benefit from a more contemporary approach.

Year Round Colour

You will want to have different plants for Spring, Summer and Winter giving you colour and scent all year round.  Bulbs are wonderful for Spring, and a window box of brightly coloured Pansies or Cyclamen along with some foliage works well in Winter. For Summer the choice is almost endless so don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy trying out different container and plant combinations. Consider whether you want your arrangement to look more effective from the inside or the outside of your window and arrange your plants accordingly. If you are unsure which plants to go for, or which ones will work well together your local garden centre can be a useful source of helpful advice.

Good quality compost is a must to give your window boxes the best start (you can either buy this or make your own). An occasional feed with a liquid fertilizer is a good idea and it is vital to water regularly during dry periods to keep your plants looking their best. If you have space for one, a water butt is a great way to harvest rainwater for this purpose. Your boxes will also need regular deadheading to encourage the plants to thrive.

Mini Kitchen Garden

Of course, we shouldn’t forget herbs. There is no reason you can’t have your very own herb garden in a window box or two and these are perfect for a kitchen window. There is simply nothing nicer than cooking with freshly grown herbs that you have nurtured yourself. Mint, Parsley, Sage and Rosemary are good options to start with depending on your personal preferences.

If window boxes are not an option why not consider framing your windows with climbers? Jasmine and Clematis are two of our favourites as they are both beautiful and fragrant.

Make the most of your windows with quality UPVC by Distinguished Windows. We are a FENSA registered installer and offer a 10-year guarantee on all new installations.