Easy Access for your Cat

Are you a cat lover? Tired of having to get up in the night to let your cat in or out? Worried that your cat is stuck outside in bad weather when you’re not at home? Or perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new home that doesn’t offer access for your cat? We can fit a cat flap to allow your feline friend safe and easy access to your home at any time of the day or night.

If your cat flap is to be fitted into a door with a UPVC panel it is generally just a case of us cutting the right size hole and securely fitting it. If your door is glazed, or you want the cat flap fitted into French or Patio doors or a window a new sealed unit will be required. We will order a sealed unit to be manufactured with a hole (cut to size) for the cat flap that you have purchased. The hole is sealed like the rest of the glass to prevent condensation and drafts. We will then replace your existing glass with the new unit and fit the cat flap.

Choose the cat flap to suit your needs

We ask that you provide the cat flap so you that you can choose the one with the features you need. There is a wide variety of cat flaps available and your local pet shop will be able to advise you on the best one to suit your needs.  One of our favourites is the Sureflap which recognises your cats microchip and only opens for them, so you won’t get any unwelcome visits from other cats in your area, but this is a relatively costly option.

Initially, your cat may be a little unsure about using your new cat flap and treats can come in handy here! However, before long they’ll be popping in and out as they please without disturbing you.

Rescue Centres

If you are thinking of getting a cat or kitten, please don’t buy one from a pet shop. There are many cats from rescue centres looking for new homes and many of them had a bad start in life – please consider offering a home to one of these. Some of our local re-homing charities include the Sunshine Cat Rescue and the Blue Cross at Burford.

Please get in touch if we can help with cat flap fitting or any other double glazing requirements. In the meantime, if your day needs brightening up enjoy these cats on youtube!