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Distinguished Windows is a specialist Sash window provider that offers a top of the range, quality product that is manufactured by a specialist window company who only produce Sash windows.

Over the years many properties have been devalued by the installation of the wrong type or design of window, with homeowners not fully understanding how their choice would impact the look and value of their homes. The company they used failed to take full account of the needs of the homeowner and designed a solution that was not in keeping with the property. Because every window manufactured for you is bespoke and tailored to meet your precise personal requirements, it is vital that we explain the choices available to you. This way you can decide, in your own time, which style of window will provide the benefits you need and filter out the superfluous extras to keep your investment at a manageable level.

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Sash Windows

Traditional Sash Windows

Classic style with contemporary features…

Replicate the look and feel of a perfectly balanced Sash window and get the details right!

Why are deep bottom rails are so important with this type of window? Traditionally, the lower sash rail would be constructed using 4” or 5” timber planed to about 100mm, as this rail had to carry the most weight. From a practical point of view the easy way is to weld four profiles of equal size together to make your window, but this means you would lose the detail and lines of your existing original Sash windows.

With your new windows being constructed using a combination of three different profile sizes you can be certain that the proportions will be as close to the original timber windows as possible, retaining the original sight lines framing the window perfectly in the opening.

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Specialist Sash Window Experts

Get the best from your windows…

Our UPVC Sash windows replicate the look and feel of a perfectly balanced window and come with numerous choices, some of which are authentic “putty line”, multi chambered strength, traditional elegance, horns, external Georgian bars for shadow lines and character, unique Georgi clips (registered brand) to hold the bars on permanently, cam catches, lockable limit stops for safety and long lasting windows, steel reinforced tilt released (not just for easy cleaning, but safe as well), cill pads for no moisture, no leaks and no damp.

Torso, the Rolls Royce of balances, tested for over 50,000 cycles or simulated 68 years life expectancy if opened twice a day, trickle vents or two stage keeps, different handles with a choice of pole eyes, scrolls or D handles.

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